Speaker Mentorship

tl;dr: We have an unconditional speaker mentorship program - everyone will get a mentor assigned.

For that, we need your help.


We want to encourage speakers to try out something new - either by being on stage for the first time or by trying talks in new areas.

We want to make sure that every speaker has someone assigned to turn to in case of questions and problems.

Being a Mentor

Volunteering as a mentor

Mentors sign up through our CFP app. Navigate to your profile section and check the mentor box. We will get in contact with you to assign speakers to you. You will also be able to read submissions that are up for review and give feedback.

The Mentors Job

Mentors are asked to help speakers to flesh out their talks and bring their ideas on stage. This includes review of slides, hints with design and getting to them and answering any questions the speaker might have. Your role is a reassuring one.

Also, on the conference, you are expected to watch the talks of you assigned speakers and give feedback afterwards.

Expect around 4-5 hours of work per speaker (upper bound).

It is not your job to fundamentally criticise the idea of a talk - it got accepted for a reason. If you feel that you are not fit for getting behind the topic of a talk at all, please get in contact with us and we assign you another speaker.

Can speakers be mentors?

Sure, if you intend to speak at our conference and mentor someone else, be welcome!

Can we 'pair', so that we give feedback to each other?

That would be perfect. Make double sure both or your talks get accepted ;).

I cannot attend, but would like to help

This is certainly not perfect, but if you want to help a speaker preparing, we will find someone else to help the person on the day of the conference.


You will get a mentor assigned, unconditional of whether you feel the need for one. This is to ensure that no one needs to ask for help, but has someone ready the moment they need one.

Please be aware the mentors are volunteering, so allow for time for review steps and treat their time with respect. Agreeing on a timeline beforehand should be the best solution.

If you are a seasoned speaker that feels like you don't need further review of your talk, just don't use it. For everyone else, we recommend interacting with your mentor before the conference.

We recommend of at least taking up the offer for a post-talk review - good, honest criticism is hard to get.